He is so awesome!

He is so awesome!



A message from Anonymous
will you please post a gif of the live version of danny singing I'm Yours PLEASE

Do you mean from the Aviva stadium dvd? I have to dig up my files, not sure if I still got it..

A message from bastille-stormers-98
Hi just wanted to ask do U know how much tickets to see the script are around when they go on sale Only I wanted an idea so I know if I've got enough and so I can tell my mates

Hi, I think it depends which country you live in.
I payed around 35 Euros for it..

A message from logic-luna
Haha my friend took me to the album launch too! She only got a mail about it last-minute though, it was 10 pm monday hahah.I won tickets to the qube! So we went there monday and then tuesday the album launch. It was so perfect <3

Ooh wow lucky you!! I tried for the qube, but didn’t get it.. :( not gonna be happy to see my phone bill though.. Hihi..
But, I did get to see them at the paradiso again, so was happy about that! :))

A message from logic-luna
Oh my god I absolutely LOVE Paint the Town Green and Man on A Wire. Flares is absolutely beautiful too, and Superheroes is so inspiring. Choosing is hard haha. PTTG and MoAW are my faves though ;) OEHHH! I was at the album launch too! I absolutely loved seeing the lads when the songs played, they are such good friends and so easy going with each other!

I was so happy my friend got picked to go to the album launch party!
I could listen to them talking for hours <3 And it was nice to see them sitting there together and just relaxed.

A message from call-me-killian-emma
I love "Paint the town Green" ever since I heard it at the album launch party in Amsterdam!! Which one is your favourite?

Yes, i love that song too! My fave since the launch party is man on a wire.  But I also love It’s not right for you and since today I can’t stop listening to without those songs :D The whole album is just <3